DelphiSpeedUp 2.8 and IDE Fix Pack 2.8 released

By | December 5, 2009

Speed is all. That’s what this release is all about. I have revived DelphiSpeedUp to fix something in Delphi 7 that had cost me a lot of time each day. The F7 key (step into) became a “don’t press it if you don’t want to get a cup of coffee” key. And I decided that it was time that this slow code (100% CPU usage for minutes) had to go away. The result is the new DelphiSpeedUp 2.8 version. And because the bug is also present in Delphi 6, 2005, 2006 and 2007 I enabled the patch to support them, too. (Sorry Delphi 5 users, but I can’t support you anymore)

And because some reported that they experienced slow debuggering also in the newer IDEs (Delphi 2009, 2010) I added the DelphiSpeedUp patch to the IDE Fix Pack 2.8. But I didn’t stop there. I also changed the update mechanism for the call stack and the local variables view. They are now updated less frequently. Now you can keep the F7/F8 key pressed and literally run through the code. This is especially visible if you are in the CPU view (what I am very often when I work on my plugins).

DelphiSpeedUp 2.8 (Delphi 5-2007)

IDE Fix Pack 2.8 (Delphi 2007-2010)

24 thoughts on “DelphiSpeedUp 2.8 and IDE Fix Pack 2.8 released

  1. Xepol

    Huh. I wonder if that 100% cpu usage is an anyway related to how the D7 and 2007 IDE can suddenly run off in to never never land with 100% CPU usage while just in edit mode for some reason (never seems to be repeatable – no way to figure out what has drive it over the cliff so to speak)

    I don’t know if it ever comes back, I have never been patient enough to wait for it to return. After waiting for minutes in past, now I always end up forcing down the IDE and restart.

    Resuming execution from stopping a thread can be a frequest cause – definitely worth investigating!

  2. noz

    Thank you Andy, this sounds really great. I’ll give it a try right away.

  3. Peter Bartholdsson

    As always thank you for your great work! 😀

  4. Kachwahed

    Thanks for TThemedDBGrid… really great work.
    I have made some changes and I have some others stuff to add, but now I want to show you what I did:
    Version 2009-11-19:
    – Added: Go to last cursor position after sorting column.
    Version 2009-09-27:
    – Added: EnterAsTab funconality as property
    – Added: AutoFitColumnSize as procedure
    Version 2009-09-19:
    – Added: SortColumn when TitleClick
    – Added: Cursor crHandPoint when TitleClick
    – Added: Colored propertie to color lines
    I will send code to your mail, so just e-mail me.


    if the funtion of speeding debuggering is doubled in RAD2007 ?

  6. Andreas Hausladen Post author

    @SEEFALL: Because there is a DelphiSpeedUp for Delphi 2007, I didn’t add the code to IDE Fix Pack for 2007. So no, there is not doubled speed. 😉


    I’m now using delphi2010 with update2. I’am afraid I can’t use your IDEfix for 2010 since some bugs you described seem have been removed. But now the biggest problem annoying me is the files recompiled by D2010 become so ‘fat’! Any good ideas to slim them?

  8. Andreas Hausladen Post author

    The IDE Fix Pack knowns about Update 2 and it doesn’t patch already fixed bugs.

    > files recompiled by D2010
    This was discussed very long in the newsgroups.

  9. Jason

    I’ve installed the FixPack and SpeedUp for D2007, and now I have a component that will not load in the IDE. Every time I try, I get the error:

    EPackageRegistrationException Registration procedure, Mxtaskpanereg.Register in package c:!_cg2007\Packages\mxTaskPane_D11D.bpl raised exception class EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 20006A04 in module ‘rtl100.bpl’. Read of address 9B8825DB.

    How can I get around this? I’ve tried uninstalling your tools from D2007, but I still get the error when using this component.

    Thanks for your great work!

  10. Mike Long

    Andreas, biggest thanks for your work. It’s excellent. Please draw attention to very annoying and very known bug(or “feature”) – in delphi 2010 editor switching from code to form designer is very slowly. A more than second at very high class computer. I think component pallete filtering

  11. Mike Long

    Small comments – pause directly depend on component count on form.

  12. Uwe Raabe

    I have a small problem with the new version: Mostly (but not always) when I hit a breakpoint during debugging, I get an “Abstract Error” inside the IDE. The stack trace looks like this:
    [50031F3E]{rtl140.bpl } SysUtils.AbstractErrorHandler (Line 17768, “SysUtils.pas” + 0) + $12
    [50007C05]{rtl140.bpl } System.@AbstractError (Line 4634, “System.pas” + 2) + $0
    [500747EF]{rtl140.bpl } Classes.TComponent.InsertComponent (Line 11794, “Classes.pas” + 1) + $8
    [500745DF]{rtl140.bpl } Classes.TComponent.Create (Line 11692, “Classes.pas” + 2) + $8
    [5020991E]{vcl140.bpl } ExtCtrls.TTimer.Create (Line 2943, “ExtCtrls.pas” + 1) + $4
    (0000253D){IDEFixPack.dll} [0AFE353D]
    (0000268C){IDEFixPack.dll} [0AFE368C]
    [20958E94]{coreide140.bpl} CallStac.TCallStackWindow.CMUpdateCallStack (Line 297, “..\debugger\CallStac.pas” + 7) + $29
    [50295DFC]{vcl140.bpl } Controls.TControl.WndProc (Line 7062, “Controls.pas” + 91) + $6
    [50299D75]{vcl140.bpl } Controls.TWinControl.MainWndProc (Line 9543, “Controls.pas” + 6) + $0
    [20D7C74E]{designide140.bpl} DeskUtil.SetFocusHook (Line 454, “DeskUtil.pas” + 4) + $C
    [5029A6C0]{vcl140.bpl } Controls.TWinControl.WndProc (Line 9819, “Controls.pas” + 144) + $6
    [214BAF33]{vclactnband140.bpl} ActnMenus.CallWindowHook (Line 743, “ActnMenus.pas” + 20) + $F
    [502BF58C]{vcl140.bpl } Forms.TCustomForm.WndProc (Line 3960, “Forms.pas” + 191) + $5
    [50299D60]{vcl140.bpl } Controls.TWinControl.MainWndProc (Line 9540, “Controls.pas” + 3) + $6
    [50076360]{rtl140.bpl } Classes.StdWndProc (Line 13014, “Classes.pas” + 8) + $0
    [50010B93]{rtl140.bpl } System.TInterfacedObject._Release (Line 22081, “System.pas” + 1) + $3
    (0000280F){IDEFixPack.dll} [0AFE380F]
    (0000277F){IDEFixPack.dll} [0AFE377F]
    [50209AD3]{vcl140.bpl } ExtCtrls.TTimer.Timer (Line 3027, “ExtCtrls.pas” + 1) + $E
    [502099B7]{vcl140.bpl } ExtCtrls.TTimer.WndProc (Line 2985, “ExtCtrls.pas” + 4) + $7
    [50076360]{rtl140.bpl } Classes.StdWndProc (Line 13014, “Classes.pas” + 8) + $0
    [502C8749]{vcl140.bpl } Forms.TApplication.ProcessMessage (Line 9784, “Forms.pas” + 30) + $1
    [502C878E]{vcl140.bpl } Forms.TApplication.HandleMessage (Line 9814, “Forms.pas” + 1) + $4
    [502C8AB9]{vcl140.bpl } Forms.TApplication.Run (Line 9951, “Forms.pas” + 26) + $3
    [0042D94A]{bds.exe } bds.bds (Line 200, “” + 8) + $FFFB

  13. Andreas Hausladen Post author

    That’s a bug on my side. “Self” points to a different object than I thought in Delphi 2010. I’ll release a new version soon that also fixes QC 75738.


    Too buggy delphi2009 is! CG would not like to fix it any more 🙁

  15. Eike Petersen

    Is is recommended to use the IDE-fixpack with CB2010 after Update 4/5? Thanks.

  16. Andreas Hausladen Post author

    I have written the IDE Fix Pack with Delphi 2010 Update 2/3 installed. So it should work. But I have a new IDE Fix Pack Version 2.9 in the works that may be released next week.

  17. Fikret Hasovic

    Hi Andreas!
    IDE Fix Pack with Delphi 2010 Update 4/5 causes debugger problems here, namely “Abstract Error”.
    Hope new version will solve these problems…
    Thanks for a fantastic work!

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