AsyncCalls 2.99

By | December 14, 2011

The updated version AsyncCalls 2.99 introduces the new methods CancelInvocation and Forget to the IAsyncCall interface. The first allows you to cancel not yet started tasks whereas the later allows you to unlink the task from the IAsyncCall interface. With “Forget” there won’t be a thread synchronization if the interface reference goes out of scope, but you also loose the ability to use the IAsyncCall interface to access the “forgotten” task.


Name IDE Version File Size Downloads Added
AsyncCalls 2.99.1 5-10.1 Berlin 35.82 KB 2462 times 2016-08-15


  • Version: 2.99 (2011-12-14):
    • Added: IAsyncCall.CancelInvocation method
    • Added: IAsyncCall.Forget method