Debugger Callstack Resolver released

By | August 15, 2017

Debugger Callstack Resolver is a Delphi IDE plugin that I wrote in 2011 to make the IDE’s CPU View more readable. It colors different instructions, resolves absolute and memory address jump and call targets and shows their function name if available. It also uses the *.jdbg to show more information (the dcc32 compiler’s jdbg files are for the debug build of the compiler and haven’t match the deployed version since jdbg files exist)

This plugin supports Delphi 2009 – 10.1 Berlin.


7 thoughts on “Debugger Callstack Resolver released

  1. Pham

    Additional feature is let the user able to select, copy and paste the ASM codes (by provide a readonly text view.) Sometimes, we need a tweaked/customized asm codes


    1. Andreas Hausladen Post author

      Development of this plugin stopped in 2011. Delphi can handle Ctrl+C itself depending on how old your Delphi version is.

  2. Rainer

    This would be great! However, after registering this expert in Delphi XE, if I Ctrl-Click on a routine name in the normal source code window while the debugger is running, Delphi stopps responding for a really long time. Had to kill the bds-process. After unregistering the expert, Ctrl-Click worked fine again.

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