JCL and JVCL Binary Installers

The JEDI Binary Installers for JCL and JVCL are an alternative way to install the JCL and JVCL. The installer’s size is much larger because it contains DCUs , DCP and BPL files that are already compiled instead of using the “Source Code Installer” (install.bat) that compiles the units and packages when installing and requires a working Win32 and Win64 command line compiler.

The JCL and JVCL Binary Installers are not available for all Delphi versions, are not automatically build and are not updated. For new Delphi versions they may not exist until a new Community Version is released.

Name IDE Version File Size Downloads Added
Binary Installer JCL 10.4JCLSetupD104.7z842 times2021-08-03
Binary Installer JVCL 10.4JVCLSetupD104.7z764 times2021-08-03