Midas Speed Fix 1.2

The MidasSpeedFix.pas is a unit that improves the performance of the Midas.dll and MidasLib unit. This is done by replacing the Midas memory manager with the Delphi memory manager (FastMM4). The unit compiles and works with Delphi 6 to 2009.

MidasSpeedFix comes with a reduced to the minimum FastMM 4.92 memory manager that can be used in Delphi 6-2005 by defining the USE_MIDAS_FASTMM compiler condition. You can use this to work with a full-debug FastMM4 for your application and a release FastMM4 for Midas.

The MidasSpeedFix unit supports older Midas.dll versions.

How to use:
Add the MidasSpeedFix.pas unit to your Delphi or C++ Project (ProjectManager: Add Unit). C++Builder users can use #include “MidasSpeedFix.hpp” and are done after they have compiled the MidasFixPack.pas once.

If you use MidasLib: The MidasSpeedFix unit must be added to the same module/package that contains the MidasLib unit. EXE-Packers are not supported.

The MidasSpeedFix is not necessary for Delphi/C++Builder 2009 Update 3.


Name IDE Version File Size Downloads Added
Midas Speed Fix 1.2 6-2009 MidasSpeedFix12.zip 35.96 KB 6724 times 2009-03-11