dcc32speed 1.2

This tool is superseded by fastdcc that uses the IDE Fix Pack compiler optimizations.

dcc32speed.exe is a little command line tool that starts the actual compiler (dcc32.exe) with some optimizations. This tool especially improves the speed of the detailed map file creation.

How does it work:
The dcc32.exe of Delphi 5 to 7 uses the slow FindFirstFile/FindClose API to retrieve the file date of files. This is very slow and can be replaced by the much faster GetFileAttributesEx.
For Delphi 5 to 2007 the tool replaces the slow stricmp C++ RTL function in the compiler by a 110 times faster version. This change speeds up the map file creation.

dcc32speed.exe starts dcc32.exe and applies the patches in memory (no byte on disk is changed).

Does not work under Windows 95

Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)

How to use:
1. Copy the dcc32speed.exe into the $(DELPHI)\Bin directory.
2. Replace “dcc32.exe” calls in your build scripts by “dcc32speed.exe”

Steps to use dcc32speed.exe for msbuild projects
1. Rename the $(BDS)\bin\dcc32.exe to dcc32compiler.exe
2. Rename the $(BDS)\bin\dcc32speed.exe to dcc32.exe


Name IDE Version File Size Downloads Added
dcc32speed 1.2 5-2007 dcc32speed12.zip 13.24 KB 7776 times 2008-10-03
dcc32speed 1.2 – Sourcecode 5-2007 dcc32speedSrc.zip 15.49 KB 3827 times 2008-10-03

Changelog from 1.1 to 1.2:

  • Fixed external exception 0x80000003
  • The tool can now be renamed to dcc32.exe whereas the compiler must be named dcc32compiler.exe. This allows the usage of dcc32speed.exe in msbuild scripts.