Recent JVCL changes

By | November 4, 2008

I’ve just removed the JVCL package Jv3rd-R that contained only one file. This file is now part of the JvCore-R package. The updated JVCLInstaller knows about this change and deletes all Jv3rd-R package related files before recompiling the changed packages.

The JvgMailSlots unit from the former Globus components is now renamed to JvMailSlots (without the “g”) and it moved from JvGlobus-R to JvSystem-R what makes it to a first-class JVCL component and it won’t be moved to the “archive” folder. I have also written a little example project that shows the component in action.

If you have used the TJvgMailSlotServer/TJvgMailSlotClient components in one of your projects, you must alter the .dfm and .pas files and remove the “g” from the component class names. I think the JConvert tool might be revived when the full merge of the Globus components is finished.

Lots of bugfixing happened in the last weeks. Some unicode related, some long outstanding and some new bugfixes. The bugtracking system’s bug list dropped from full 3 pages to under 1 page.

And last but not least, under Windows Vista the installer doesn’t start in the background anymore. If you start a GUI application from a console window that is closed after triggering the start of the GUI application, Windows Vista will show the GUI application behind all other windows.

4 thoughts on “Recent JVCL changes

  1. Rich

    Andy is my Delphi hero! He should get a free Rad Studio Architect for life!

    Maybe it is just coincidence, but whenever I think of sometime I want in Delphi, there’s already a solution from Andy. AsyncCalls is one example.

    I was just thinking how nice it would be for JVCL to not be beta for Delphi 2009 anymore…then I see this blog entry from him!

    Keep up the fantastic work Andy!

  2. Max

    By the way, Andy, are there any plans to overcome Delphi 2005 compiler bug in the last JCL?

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