IDE Fix Pack 5.6 for XE6 released

By | May 10, 2014

IDE Fix Pack version 5.6 adds support for RAD Studio XE6. All patches that are in version 5.5 for XE5 are also in 5.6 for XE6 except the patch for QC 111998 ($TDW macro used in Tools causes crash) that is fixed in XE6.

XE6 introduces a project option to compile projects with the command line compiler instead of the IDE compiler. This can be used to reduces the IDE’s memory consumption during compilation. Because the command line compiler is executed in a different process, all patches that are applied to the IDE compiler don’t work. In order to get IDE Fix Pack’s optimizations into the command line compiler the fastdcc hook DLLs are loaded into the compiler process and you see the “Compiler Speed Pack – Compiler patches applied.” output in the message pane. Only DCC32.EXE, DCC64.EXE and DCCAARM.EXE are supported.


  • Added: Support for XE6
  • Added: CompilerSpeedPack for Android (XE6)
  • Added: Apply CompilerSpeedPack to external compiler execution (dcc32, dcc64, dccaarm) (XE6)

IDE Fix Pack Download:

Name IDE Version File Size Downloads Added
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 2009 (UP4) IDEFixPack2009Reg64.2.7z 242.75 KB 1063 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 2010 (UP5) IDEFixPack2010Reg64.2.7z 237.09 KB 1272 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE (UP1) IDEFixPackXEReg64.2.7z 221.38 KB 616 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE2 (UP4+HF1) IDEFixPackXE2Reg64.2.7z 316.78 KB 688 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE3 (UP2) IDEFixPackXE3Reg64.2.7z 257.4 KB 528 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE4 (UP1) IDEFixPackXE4Reg64.2.7z 260.1 KB 398 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE5 (UP2) IDEFixPackXE5Reg64.2.7z 257.7 KB 493 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE6 (UP1) IDEFixPackXE6Reg64.2.7z 423 KB 417 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE7 (UP1) IDEFixPackXE7Reg64.2.7z 429.48 KB 634 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE8 (UP1) IDEFixPackXE8Reg64.2.7z 431.7 KB 539 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 10 Seattle (RTM/UP1) IDEFixPackD10Reg64.2.7z 428.33 KB 989 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 10.1 Berlin IDEFixPackD101Reg64.2.7z 430.65 KB 1168 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 10.2 (RTM/UP1/2/3) IDEFixPackD102Reg64.2.7z 426.27 KB 2324 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.4 10.3 (RTM/UP1/2) IDEFixPackD103Reg64.4.7z 444.98 KB 2671 times 2019-08-01

fastdcc Download:

Name IDE Version File Size Downloads Added
fastdcc 6.4.2 2009 (UP4) fastdcc2009v64.2.7z 112.87 KB 367 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 2010 (UP5) fastdcc2010v64.2.7z 120.38 KB 380 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE (UP1) fastdccXEv64.2.7z 121.36 KB 304 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE2 (UP4+HF1) fastdccXE2v64.2.7z 166.48 KB 306 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE3 (UP2) fastdccXE3v64.2.7z 150.88 KB 284 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE4 (UP1) fastdccXE4v64.2.7z 153.55 KB 256 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE5 (UP2) fastdccXE5v64.2.7z 151.87 KB 316 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE6 (UP1) fastdccXE6v64.2.7z 198.67 KB 283 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE7 (UP1) fastdccXE7v64.2.7z 219.84 KB 302 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE8 (UP1) fastdccXE8v64.2.7z 224.67 KB 288 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 10 Seattle (RTM/UP1) fastdccD10v64.2.7z 219.65 KB 392 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 10.1 Berlin fastdccD101v64.2.7z 223.52 KB 451 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 10.2 (RTM/UP1/2/3) fastdccD102v64.2.7z 219.06 KB 713 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.4 10.3 (RTM/UP1/2) fastdccD103v64.4.7z 228.61 KB 639 times 2019-07-31

7 thoughts on “IDE Fix Pack 5.6 for XE6 released

    1. Andreas Hausladen Post author

      Either you have not installed XE6 or you do not have the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\14.0\bin” path in your PATH environment variable. In That case you need to copy the rtl200.bpl and vcl200.bpl from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\14.0\bin” to the IDEFixPack install folder.

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  2. Peter Adrian

    During the start of XE6 with IDE Fix Pack 5.6, I get following message:

    Not all IDE Fix Pack patches were applied. Failed patches:
    failed: Inline Itolower calls [bcc.ItolowerCalls]

    What can I do?
    Thank you in advance.

  3. Steve V Faleiro

    Using: Delphi XE6

    Today I started Delphi XE6 and loaded large project (about 200 forms). I did not open the forms in the project, only the DPR file. I made some change in the DPR file and saved the project. When attempting to quit, the IDE took very long time (about 1 whole minutes) and I could see high CPU usage before it finally quit.

    I installed your fixpack for XE6 and after that I tried the same scenario again. This time it significantly faster (about 16 seconds).

    Thanks again for your hard work in making this fix available. It is my wish that EMBT should collaborate with you to implement your fixes straight into the Delphi product.

    Steve Faleiro

    Marketing Emailer

  4. Peter Adrian

    After starting the C++ debugger I get the following message:

    „Stapelüberlauf – Speichern Sie Ihre Arbeit und starten Sie RAD Studio XE6 erneut.“ /
    “Stack overflow – Save your work and restart RAD Studio XE6 again.”

    This error appears only when RAD Studio opens with a project group that contains many projects and IDE Fix Pack XE6 5.6 is installed.

    Open an example project (CBMeteor.exe), start the debugger, close the debugger, open the big project group, start the debugger: no stack overflow.
    Strange, but it works!

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