IDE Fix Pack 5.96, DDevExtensions, DFMCheck for Delphi 10.2

By | April 9, 2017

Due to many requests, I took the time to update my tools (IDE Fix Pack, DDevExtensions, DFMCheck) for the newest Delphi version. Delphi 10.2 RTM will be the last version that all my tools support. I won’t be able to recompiled them for any 10.2 Update because my update subscription has expired and I didn’t (intentionally) renew it. Coincidentally I didn’t get a renewal message this time either.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t release newer versions of my tools, but I can’t support newer Delphi versions or 10.2 updates if the tools need to be recompiled. When I find some new possible optimizations or fixes for annoying bugs and time to work on them, Delphi 2009-10.2 RTM users will be able to use them.


  • Fixed: Disable DynArraySetLength patch if 10.1 Berlin Update 2 is detected.
  • Fixed: “clang template debug symbol bloat” disabled for 10 Seattle and newer.
  • Added: IDE minimize doesn’t shrink main window to width and height zero.
  • Added: RAD Studio 10.2 support


Name IDE Version File Size Downloads Added
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 2009 (UP4) IDEFixPack2009Reg64.2.7z 242.75 KB 3561 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 2010 (UP5) IDEFixPack2010Reg64.2.7z 237.09 KB 4116 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE (UP1) IDEFixPackXEReg64.2.7z 221.38 KB 2346 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE2 (UP4+HF1) IDEFixPackXE2Reg64.2.7z 316.78 KB 2677 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE3 (UP2) IDEFixPackXE3Reg64.2.7z 257.4 KB 2060 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE4 (UP1) IDEFixPackXE4Reg64.2.7z 260.1 KB 1746 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE5 (UP2) IDEFixPackXE5Reg64.2.7z 257.7 KB 2126 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE6 (UP1) IDEFixPackXE6Reg64.2.7z 423 KB 1861 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE7 (UP1) IDEFixPackXE7Reg64.2.7z 429.48 KB 2637 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 XE8 (UP1) IDEFixPackXE8Reg64.2.7z 431.7 KB 2189 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 10 Seattle (RTM/UP1) IDEFixPackD10Reg64.2.7z 428.33 KB 3302 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 10.1 Berlin IDEFixPackD101Reg64.2.7z 430.65 KB 3776 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.2 10.2 (RTM/UP1/2/3) IDEFixPackD102Reg64.2.7z 426.27 KB 6552 times 2019-03-23
IDE Fix Pack 6.4.4 10.3 (RTM/UP1/2/3) IDEFixPackD103Reg64.4.7z 444.98 KB 13658 times 2019-08-01

Download (fastdcc):

Name IDE Version File Size Downloads Added
fastdcc 6.4.2 2009 (UP4) fastdcc2009v64.2.7z 112.87 KB 1681 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 2010 (UP5) fastdcc2010v64.2.7z 120.38 KB 1739 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE (UP1) fastdccXEv64.2.7z 121.36 KB 1570 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE2 (UP4+HF1) fastdccXE2v64.2.7z 166.48 KB 1579 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE3 (UP2) fastdccXE3v64.2.7z 150.88 KB 1491 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE4 (UP1) fastdccXE4v64.2.7z 153.55 KB 1457 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE5 (UP2) fastdccXE5v64.2.7z 151.87 KB 1540 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE6 (UP1) fastdccXE6v64.2.7z 198.67 KB 1478 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE7 (UP1) fastdccXE7v64.2.7z 219.84 KB 1618 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 XE8 (UP1) fastdccXE8v64.2.7z 224.67 KB 1536 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 10 Seattle (RTM/UP1) fastdccD10v64.2.7z 219.65 KB 1777 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 10.1 Berlin fastdccD101v64.2.7z 223.52 KB 1845 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.2 10.2 (RTM/UP1/2/3) fastdccD102v64.2.7z 219.06 KB 2473 times 2019-03-23
fastdcc 6.4.4 10.3 (RTM/UP1/2/3) fastdccD103v64.4.7z 228.61 KB 3733 times 2019-07-31


There is also a new IDE Fix Pack 6.0 Beta 4 that contains all the above and the experimental 64 bit compiler performance optimizations.


Name IDE Version File Size Downloads Added

19 thoughts on “IDE Fix Pack 5.96, DDevExtensions, DFMCheck for Delphi 10.2

  1. Alfred

    Sorry to hear that 10.2 will be your last update.
    May I ask why you’re not going to renew your subscription?
    It would be very interesting to know, as you’re so valuable to the Delphi community.
    Where Arne you heading instead?

    1. Andreas Hausladen Post author

      I don’t see why I should spend money on software that I don’t use. I don’t use ten of eleven installed Delphi versions. All my personal projects are compiled with XE.

      1. Alex

        You aren’t you an MVP or Tech Partner? I always thought that you were.

  2. Espariat

    Thanks Andreas for time and work.
    We appreciate your help because like others delphi developpers, we need update of idefixpack, fastdcc. We hope that embarcadero improves compiler and ide in the future.
    Best regards

  3. Luis

    Thanks for everything, Andreas.
    It’s an option open source your projects and let the community help you maintain this?

  4. Gary

    I always thought you were a Borland/Embarcadero insider? And no special conditions, considering your contributions? In which case, deep respects for your analysis skills. And if you’re getting nothing for your efforts, then sad but totally understandable.

  5. Donovan

    As sad as this is, this is just another sign post on the road to Delphi becoming obsolete.

    Pity, because personally, I am, and will always be a huge fan of Delphi.

  6. Thomas Speck

    It’s a great shame for Embarcadero not to support Andy with newest Subscriptions, because his (in his spare time done) work for optimizing and bugfixing the Compilers is a huge benefit for the community and would be a Win-Win-Situation for both Sides. He does the work the Company should do und helps us Developers to gain Speed and Time in large Projects. I would support Andy with anything that helps him to further maintain this glory piece of Software.

  7. Alex

    Hi, Andy.

    Version 5.96 don’t worked with Delphi DX10.1 Update 2 Berlin, after starting Run As Admin showing message:
    IDE Fix Pack Installer/Uninstaller Incorrect RAD Studio installation detected
    HKCU\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\18.0 does not have a valid “RootDir” entry.

    How can I improve the situation ?
    OS Win 7 EE SP1 Rus, now for DX10.1 Update 2 installed IDE Fix Pack 5.95.

      1. Pedro

        You have “Access to shipping Embarcadero products”, no more “update subscription has expired” problems and you don’t need to pay for newer versions.

        And you deserve it.

        1. Andreas Hausladen Post author

          But I wouldn’t use it. If you don’t need/use a product, then it doesn’t matter if it costs you something (what never was a problem) or if you get it for free.

  8. Marek

    Andreas – thank you for the great tool and support.

    The IdeFixPack 5.96 for delphi 10.2 causes my project to not compile. In 10.1 Berlin with FixPack 5.96 it compiles and runs fine, as as with 10.2 without the FixPack.
    I got errors on Build: [dcc32 Fatal Error] F2084 Internal Error: L897; but if not build but Run there is no error and programs builds and runs.
    Also in some configuration got strange: unit Security recursively uses itself,
    and in other case the error is [dcc32 Error] xyz.pas(2164): E2010 Incompatible types: ‘Security.TUserList’ and ‘Security.TUserList’
    on simple assigment to the same type variable.

    The problem I see is when unit Security uses unit BaseSecurity in the interface section, which uses the unit SecurityStorage in the implementation, which uses Security in the interface which is perfectly legal, but with the fixpack produces circular error or type incompatibility with itself.

    1. Andreas Hausladen Post author

      That would mean that there were changes in the compiler that IDE Fix Pack can’t handle. And because I’m not working on IDE Fix Pack for 10.2, I only recompiled the code without a change, this means that IDE Fix Pack would be dead for 10.2.

      1. rgreat

        You could consider charge some bucks for later updates. 🙂

  9. Marek

    Maybe it can be handled by removing some feature for 10.2? It seems to me that this particular error may be connected with unit caching or particular order of unit processing. I can help testing the case if you mind.

    1. Andreas Hausladen Post author

      The IDE Fix Pack doesn’t change the unit processing order and doesn’t cache units. My guess is that field’s offset in a structure (record) changed. But that is only a wild guess.

      You can disable a patch by setting the global environment variable “IDEFixPack.DisabledPatches” to a semicolon separated list. The items for the list can be found in “Product information” memo in the IDE’s info dialog when you click on the “Compiler Speed Pack x86 5.96 for Delphi 10.2” entry in the “Installed products” listbox. It’s the string in the brackets (without the brackets). But not there are some dependencies that may cause crashes if you disable one patch but not a specific other (and only the source code knows those dependencies).

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