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DLangExtensions is coming back

By | November 23, 2008

My tool DLangExtensions which has added case-string-of, extended for-in loops, FreePascal generics, multi line strings and an extended Exit to Delphi 5-2007 is returning to life. I have successfully migrated the tool to Delphi 2009 and removed the FreePascal generics and the extended Exit because both are superseded by Delphi 2009’s features. The tool will… Read More »

IDEFixPack 2.0 and VCLFixPack 1.0 under way

By | November 19, 2008

I’m working on the final steps for a release of the IDEFixPack 2007 2.0 and IDEFixPack 2009 2.0. Both tools will contain every available patch that I have for the specific IDE version. The 2007er version has 18 patches and the 2009er version has 8 patches. To make my and your life easier I’ve done… Read More »