IDEFixPack 2.0 and VCLFixPack 1.0 under way

By | November 19, 2008

I’m working on the final steps for a release of the IDEFixPack 2007 2.0 and IDEFixPack 2009 2.0. Both tools will contain every available patch that I have for the specific IDE version. The 2007er version has 18 patches and the 2009er version has 8 patches.

To make my and your life easier I’ve done lots of refactoring to get all my already released patches and the new patches into a single unit called VCLFixPack.pas. I will release this unit when I release the IDEFixPack 2.0. The IDEFIxPack contains additional patches that are not part of the VCLFixPack unit because they are for the IDE only.

Here is the list of runtime-patches that the VCLFixPack.pas unit applies.


  • QC #68647: Infinite loop in Forms.GetNonToolWindowPopupParent (2006-2009)
  • QC #68740: Lost focus after TOpenDialog when MainFormOnTaskBar is set (2007-2009)
  • QC #59963: Closing non-modal forms after a task switch can deactivate the application (2007-2009)
  • QC #66892: Closing forms deactivates the application (missing “stdcall”) (2009)
  • Control resize bugfix for kernel stack overflow due to WH_CALLWNDPROC hook (6-2007)
  • QC #59654: TActionList access already released FActions field (6-2007)
  • QC #54286 : Parent-PopupMenu overrides standard context menu (edit, memo, combobox, …) (6-2007)
  • QC #50097: ObjAuto access violation on XEON (Data Execution Prevention bug) (2006-2007)
  • Classes.MakeObjectInstance memory leak fix (for usage in a DLL) (6-2009)
  • QC #58938: MainForm Minimize minimizes in the background (2007)
  • QC #64484: SysUtils.Abort can raise an AccessViolation (6-2009)
  • QC #58939: No taskbar button when starting from ShellLink with Show=Minimized (2007)
  • QC #35001: MDIChild’s active control focus is not set correctly (6-2009)
  • QC #56252: TPageControl flickers a lot with active theming (7-2009)
  • QC #68730: TLabel is not painted on a themed, double-buffered TTabSheet in Vista (7-2009)
  • TLabels on TTabSheet are not painted (themes) if a TWinControl like TMemo is on the TTabSheet (TWinControl.PaintWindow bug) (7-2009)
  • Grid flickers with active theming (DBGrid, StringGrid and DrawGrid only, no derived classes) (7-2009)
  • QC #69112: TSpeedButton is painted as a black rectangle on a double buffered panel on a sheet of glass. (2009)
  • Workaround for Windows Vista CompareString bug (Workaround is disabled by default, define “VistaCompareStringFix” to activate it) (Vista)


5 thoughts on “IDEFixPack 2.0 and VCLFixPack 1.0 under way

  1. Charles Ardour


    I’m curious, are Embarcadero Delphi programmers aware of Your patches/fixes? Are they incorporating them into future versions of Delphi Servicepacks/new Delphi releases? Why they don’t employed You as an external QA/Tester/Fixer???


  2. John G

    Agree with Charles Ardour!

    You will surely be an asset for CodeGear! 😉

    Am waiting for IDEFixPack 2.0.

    Thanx a lot Andy!

  3. Pedro Miguel Martins

    Just to say THANKS ……

    A must to Delphi users

    Pedro Miguel Martins

  4. John McLaine


    I know many of us has told you before, but I must thank you very,very much for your effords. You are really “the Delphi Spirit” kind of developer we all need… You are the light at this dark Delphi times… Keep on doing my friend… 😉

  5. Michael

    Hi Andy,

    I assume that those blue formatted numbers indicate the versions since when the appropriate bug is known, correct?
    This means many of those issues, you are fixing with your package, have been here since ages and still not fixed by CG although well known and reported in QC – WHAT A SHAME!

    I hope now they got a fix from your source files, update 2 for D2009 will fix them all.


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